Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mobile Apps With Movie And TV Tie-Ins

In what's considered a couple for the Palm Pre, CBS has released an app based on it's highly-rated reality show, Survivor.  It offers streaming episodes, clips, and other information about the show.

Unlike some routes taken by the movie industry, this not a game.  It's actually tied into the show.  

Right now, with the studios and networks are trying to figure out their place in Web 2.0 and the great beyond.  First, they signed onto iTunes, albeit more cautiously than the music folks.  Then more recently, Hulu, Netflix, and individual network websites also offer streaming videos and full episodes.  

Still, there's a lot of content out there for us to watch. That means a lot of competition for eyeballs.  I think a lot of folks will be watching to see how the Pre Survivor app will do in drawing in eyeballs and keeping folks updated with the show.

Similarly, CNN began charging $2.99 for their iPhone app, a first from a news network.  

It does make sense that mobile apps are the next step for TV shows to take.  After all, more people are on the go and may not be home to watch the show when it is actually broadcasted by the TV network.  This way, the mobile app allows folks to catch up with the show whenever they want.

One idea is to also offer materials, comments on the app while the show is going on.  This may get more people to sit in front of their television to watch the show when it's on rather than catching it later on Tivo, Hulu, or the tie-in app.

After all, I know many folks who'll sit in front of their TV with their iPhones or Blackberry, easily accessible.  You know, offer a sort of bonus material in the form of comments or something else.

Perhaps this will help stem the losses in rating somewhat.  At least, it may provide networks more time to figure out what they ought to be doing for the television of the future.

More at MocoNews.

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