Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Robust Streaming On the Way? Good For Streaming Videos Wirelessly

The summer, aside from headlines dominating the release of the iPhone 3GS and Pre, Android devices flooding the market, and Microsoft's ineptitude to mount any kind of comeback in the wireless world, is FCC's interest in exclusive deals such as the one between Apple's iPhone and ATT.

The side-effect of that interest is the FCC asking questions about why Google Voice app for the iPhone was rejected.  This likely came about from the attention bloggers gave to the few developers whose apps were also rejected by Cupertino.  Justify or not, Apple's actions is in the crosshair of the government.

Perhaps, it's why a flood of apps that we might perceived as threats to Apple (their favorite line for rejecting apps is duplication of iPhone functions and anything that might confuse iPhone users) such as those from Rhapsody and Spotify (which I enjoy immensely thanks to Dave the Mobile Warrior) were allowed into the iTunes app store.

And perhaps it's why flood of apps approved today such as CNN's app that allows live video stream, mSpot's movie rental app (more at On Apple) that also allows streaming video, and EyeTV app into the app store.

Of course, we'll never know if attention from the FCC has anything to do with approval of above mentioned apps.

But I like to offer another theory.  Perhaps, ATT's network might be more robust now.  After all, they spent the summer beefing up their network for the flood of MMS service, not to mention that they'll have to gear up for the inevitable wireless tethering service as well.

And whatever reasons we believe ATT, Apple, or other app stores and providers might reject this app or that app, the direction we're headed is clear.  Apps that provide streaming video cannot be hindered for competitive reasons and wireless providers have no choice but to continue to beef up their networks to satisfy this particular need of their users.

Over on Apple, I'm especially excited about mSpot's app being approved because it bolds well for two video streaming services that I know millions of mobile users are particularly interested in:  Hulu and Netflix.

To be sure, talks between these Netflix and Hulu and Apple have taken place and development on these respective apps are going forward.  How do I know that?  For the same reason I mentioned above.  Streaming video services are coming to wireless devices.  No amount of feet dragging will stop that from happen.

And if for some reason, Apple is bold enough to keep Hulu and Netflix apps from being approved, I'm sure RIM, Palm, Nokia, Android (Google's wireless OS) and Microsoft will be happy to welcome those two apps into the ranks of their app store.

Back to wireless networks.  WiMax continues to be built and introduced into new markets by Sprint and Clearwire.  Verizon Wireless will follow up with their LTE network while ATT and T-Mobile beef up their 3G networks.  As wireless capacity expand and come online, there really is no excuse that streaming video from services like Netfix and Hulu should be allowed on them.

More about mSpot and chances of other apps that offer streaming videos at On Apple.

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