Newspapers: Pay For Wireless News

Murdock wants us to pay for WSJ access via the iPhone and Blackberry.  Now, CNN appears to want to do that same as well.

Are the days of free access to news over?  Not necessarily.  Unless the news outlets restrict even access to news via the browsers as well, we'll simply find other ways to read the news we want.

For instance, WSJ and Barrons restrict their articles only to paying subscribers online through the browsers.  However, CNN hasn't done that.  It makes little sense for CNN to be going this route.  

An app directly accessing CNN is convenient but it isn't as if mobile warriors are too lazy to get the same information through the browser.  

The only way I see this working for newspapers and other news outlets is if there is added value for paying for apps or subscribing to the papers.  

What do you think?  Will this work?  I want to support the newspapers as much as the next fellow but I'm used to get things for free now.  I freely acknowledge that.  Suddenly, I'm told I need to pay for it.  Fine, tell me why. Convenience won't work.  

Suppose if CNN also offers free live streaming to their broadcast, then I'm in.  

More at MacDailyNews and here.  CNN's app is $1.99.  CNN believes we'll pay for the app simply because it's app is better than the rest.  We'll see.


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