Monday, September 14, 2009

T-Mobile Needs 4G and Sprint's Network May Be the Answer

Even as Verizon races to get their LTE network online by 2010 and Sprint is set add more markets to its WiMax network, T-Mobile USA got started on its own 3G network last year.  I know, I was one of the first G1 adopters.  

No complaints but in a couple of years, many dedicated T-Mobile mobile warriors will see compatriots on other networks zipping by on faster and more robust networks.  Hence, the rumors of a Sprint buyout by T-Mobile USA's parent company makes some sense.

With Sprint, T-Mobile gets tens of millions of users, enough to rival ATT and Verizon.  More importantly, in my opinion, is that they get WiMax.  

Sprint claims to know nothing about any overture by T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom, the German parent company of T-Mobile USA.  But seeing the merger between T-Mobile and Orange in Britain, it makes sense.  

CNBC claims this will run into regulatory and financial issues.  These deals always do but they get worked out in the end as far as regulatory issues are concerned.  Financially, T-Mobile has the best customer service of all the wireless providers and some of that will certainly transfer over to Sprint customers.  

I think it's a great deal for mobile warriors if this deal works out.  Instead of two weak competitors, Verizon and ATT will have to deal with a strong rival with a history of pricing innovation and customer support.

Mentioned Link:  CNBC

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