Sunday, September 27, 2009

Voting Online Or By Mobile

Turnout is always an issue with the electorate.  In the US, there we've had a revolution and civil war.  We gone through turbulent histories over suffrage and civil rights, voter turnout is generally pretty pathetic compared to other nations.  Voter apathy is one thing but deciding the future is one of the greatest responsibility a citizen in a democracy can make. Voter cynicism ought not be an excuse for staying at home on election day.  Still, things can be easier for voters to register and cast their votes.  Why we have our election on a Tuesday is something I'll never get.  Wait, let me rephrase this. Why are we still holding elections on a Tuesday? I'm in the early stages of researching online voting.  Wouldn't you want to be able to cast your vote through your laptop or on your train ride to work via your iPhone or Pre? After all, you log into your eTrade accounts to check your retirement fund.  You also made payment via the Internet through secured links to the banks.  Why not voting?  Voting requires a great amount of security but does it need a beefier link than online banking? In addition to online voting, what about a phone system that allows people to dial in their vote?  None of these are any less secured from tampering than early-voting via the post.  The only reason I haven't voted by mail is because I enjoy waiting in line along with other folks who doesn't believe their votes won't count.  It's a day when you're defined by your political leanings and differences but overshadowed by the stronger bond that we're all Americans (for US readers). Apathy and cynicism are just excuses for not wanting to take the time to go to the poll stations.  So, bring the voting experience to the voters.  Instead of investing in voting machines prone to fraud, why not create a robust voting systems where voters can go online or use their mobile devices to cast the future of the nation? Any who wishes to "take back their country" should remember whether they voted on that day or not.  Anyone who aren't happy should know we've got mid-term elections in 2010 and another Presidential election in 2012.  That's for the conservatives.  For liberals, I happen to like your guy in the White House even if I don't agree with everything he's doing.  But if you don't get excited, your agendas will quickly be supplemented.  And for the youths, your votes matter in 2008.  It'll always matter. Of course, all that would be easier if elections weren't held on a Tuesday and online or mobile voting was possible. Note:  Because of agrarian America, elections have traditionally been held on a Tuesday in November.  But things are different now.  Personally, I like to see it held in November on a Saturday.  Neighbors get out on Election Day. Parents taking their children and pets with them to the polling stations.  BBQ.  Festivities.  Fairs.  It can work!

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