Wednesday, October 7, 2009

740 Billion Texts Sent; Billions in Wireless Revenue

CTIA, a wireless industry trade group, stated 740 billion texts were sent.  And that's just in the first fix months of 2009.  At ten cents a pop, $74 billion worth of SMS collected by the wireless providers.  Of course, that isn't the case.  After all, many folks buy SMS in bulks based on their monthly plans.  From 400 texts a month allotted in a $25 a month plan from T-Mobile or $35 a month but with unlimited texting.

Nevertheless, the wireless industry gained $76 billion in revenue, also in just the first 6 months of 2009.  Any way why folks in the industry will fight tooth and nail to protect their honey pot?

Still, this is just the beginning.  Data, texts, minutes used will only increase as the industry evolve along with the folks who they service, us mobile users.  We'll be demanding more data and bandwidth and more devices to support use them with.

Hardware makers will have to pump out the mobile devices while others have to make sure there are enough routers, switches, and towers to support  a growing wireless appetite.

The figure in the $76 billion revenue does include app developers.  So for folks out there who are looking to make extra dough aside from your day job, there are tens of millions of smartphone and mobile device users and that's just the beginning.  I've read projections that tens of billions of dollars will be spent by mobile warriors by 2013 on games and mobile apps.  It's buried somewhere within Onxo.

More CTIA stats at Pulse.

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