Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BN's Nook - Worth Reader But Not For Everyone

I ordered the Nook today because I do a lot of reading on my iPhone and having a dedicated reader will let me save battery power on the iPhone.

Still, why did I not get the Kindle 2? Well, for a number of reasons one of which being that I did not like the design and feel of the Kindle 2 even if it was a great improvement over the original Kindle. I'm not saying the Kindle 2 isn't a good reader. It's just not one for me.

The Nook, while not perfect, is closer to what I want. And the Nook running Android help as I have experience with the OS, owning a G1 and all.

Still, I want to be honest with the mobile warriors who read this journal. The Nook has some severe limitations. One that quickly comes to mind is the limitation BN puts on wirless access (no browsing) despite running on Android. As such, it is a feature the Kindle 2 users can brag about.

I've left the meat of the matter about the Nook, Kindle, and ereading at Mobile goodness. BN brought a lot to the ebook market with Nook. I only hope that BN will unleash the Android power within and let Nook serve as a part-time tablet.

More at Mobile Goodness. Perhaps, we'll see another Android reader in the near future without BN's artifical limitation. Even better is if Apple give us the iTablet already.

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