Future of Smartphones

I've got some thoughts in what I like to see in smartphones and mobile devices of the future. And right now, we are just at the beginning realizing the possibilities of what mobile computing is truly capable of. iPhone is the standard bearer at the moment even though it does not command a big share of the mobile device market.

However, I don't think Apple, Google, Nokia, or Palm has yet to decide on what mobile devices will be like 5 years from now. But these mentioned companies along with Microsoft, RIM, and others are still vying for position and trying to figure out where they all fit in. Clearly, there is no market leader in that sense.

I was listening to the latest Macworld podcast with Michael Gartenberg and I encourage anyone who is interested in the mobile market as a developer, mobile user, or just a tech fan to listen to it. It's a pretty fairly good assessment of where the market is at the moment.

One thing I like to point out about the podcast is the Android topic. They were right on with Microsoft, Symbian, RIM, and Apple but as far as Android, I have a different take on it.

Also, they predicted that there will be three dominant players at the end of the day, 3rd parties will remain critical, support for work and play are critical, and having a tightly integrated ecosystem is important.

More at Macworld:


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