Friday, October 30, 2009

Pandemics And Mobility

Pandemics and mobile warriors.  It doesn't seem like it has a lot to do with regular mobile users or any folks who rely much on Internet.  We're probably thinking about those CDC agents in bio-suits in staging areas working on their laptops in the field, much like what we see in movies.  However, I'm talking about every mobile users like you and me. 

Macworld posed an interesting piece asking if an H1N1 pandemic could slow the Internet to a crawl.  I think it's an issue we need to think about in depth.  And if there was ever a time for the government to prepare for it, now is likely the time.  As far as pandemics and the modern age, we're kind of new at this.  

The United States Government Accountability Office, or GOA, has looked into this matter and given it an enough consideration for it to issue a report.  I'll sort through it and come back later today or this weekend to summarize it for ya and consider a few options on how we can protect ourselves or at least make any potential problems that may arise less of a pain.

More at Macworld.  It's a must read.

Meanwhile, any recommendations our worldwide mobile warriors can offer would be terrific.  

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