Recession Watch - We're Getting Dinged By Banks And Govs

This has nothing to do with mobile specifically but I'm just tell all my fellow readers about this: check your bank statements, don't drive if you don't have to, and be mindful of yourself.

I got assessed a late payment on something by my bank.  I made the payment early with plenty of time to spare and yet the payment to my own bank was assessed as being late.  Basically, since banks are being hit by regulations specifically in the credit card market, they're looking for other ways to ding us.  

To me that's fraud.  

Also as for driving?  Well, driving involves parking and especially if you're in a zone where parking time limits and meters are concerned, cities are very stingy about time limits and giving out tickets before meters run out.  

It's what happened to a friend.  In fact, she got a letter saying she was ticketed.  She didn't even know!  There was no stub or anything from the parking guy.  The letter, a legitimate one (I did some checking) basically said their parking guy could issue one at the time but trust us, you violated the parking laws.  

Folks, times are tough.  The poor CEOs need their millions.  You know, yachts and mistresses.  They're gonna need to come to us, not as taxpayers, but the customers to help them with their life styles.

As for the city, I get it.  I happen to live in one as I'm sure you do as well.  Okay, fine.  I'm not as pissed about the ticket but this banking fraud thing I'm hot about.  

I'm definitely going to fight this but I'm also debating about how to go about this.  I'm considering going to the FTC about this.  

Anyway, any suggestion from my fellow mobile warriors would be greatly appreciated.


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