Wednesday, October 14, 2009

T-Mobile About To Shake Up Subscription Market?

You pay what? $50 a month? $60? $80 if you've got an iPhone? Over $100 for family plans?

Well, Sprint has always been pretty innovative about coming up with competitive pricing and how they market it. I've always liked that about them and I'm just sad that they don't command the marketshare I think they deserve. Then again, they deserve to be where they are because of the network they use and the coverage they provide.

However, is T-Mobile about to shake things up even more now? As a long-time T-Mobile subscriber, I have access to a $50 a month plan with unlimited minutes. And that to me is just incredible. Ask ATT what they're charging you and you'll know what I'm talking about. Plus, T-Mobile was the first to come out with the MyFavs features.

However, there is something T-Mobile is working on dubbed "Project Black". No one really knows what it is but there are rumors about it and I don't want to bring them up here. However, being a 4th place wireless providers, T-Mobile with its increasing lineup of Android devices really has an opportunity to shake up the market. Here's what I like T-Mobile to do:
  • Provide a $60 all you can eat plan. I know some folks are asking for $50 on Android and T-Mobile sites but I don't think that's realistic. So for $60, you get unlimited calling, data, texting. You have access to an open network. $15-20 more for tethering.
  • Open network. Do away with limiting voice plans. For a flat fee, it's all data. VOIP support, Google Voice, tethering.
  • Work with Clearwire on 4G network. Sprint and Clearwire need a shot in the arm and T-Mobile clearly can provide that.
  • Bring the iPhone and/or Palm Pre or Pixie to T-Mobile users. One of the things iPhone users grip about is the crappy ATT network. In a limited capacity, T-Mobile can serve as an alternative for iPhone users and as a notice to ATT that Apple has alternatives. One of the interesting thing is that T-Mobile seems to be doing double-time with their network build-out. Does this have anything to do with trying to satisfy a device maker like Apple or Palm. T-Mobile does have a relationship with Apple after all by selling the iPhone in Europe.
  • Tighter partnership with Google to create an open network.
I'm a big underdog fan and T-Mobile and Sprint are now the two biggest underdogs in the US as far as the big four mobile providers are concerned. But there as we wind up 2009 with one quarter left and into 2010, now is the time for T-Mobile to shake up the mobile market.

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