Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trillian Delay In App Review By Apple - Speculations, Open Network

I was going to speculate that perhaps Apple delayed Trillian for the purpose of coming out with its own competing services.  But folks, as you know, there are already a few apps that allow users to aggregate IM services.  Fringe.  IM+.  These two quickly comes to mind.  There are others with varying degree of IM services.

So why?  This may be just a straight-forward dropping-the-ball.  It could be Trillian not complying with what Apple wants.  

A bit of history on these types of IM applications.  In this day, no one has just AIM or any one IM service. More like, folks have two or more.  And suppose you've got four accounts of different types, it's a waste of computer resources to keep all four applications up and running.  And suppose you've got three AIM accounts.  Well, the AOL IM application only allows one account to be logged in at any given time.

This is where applications like Trillian on the Windows come in.  It allows you to create accounts for the major IM services like Gtalk, MSN, and Yahoo.  For Mac folks, think of Trillian as the Adium. As a matter of fact, Adium on the Mac also integrates Facebook.  

With Apple disallowing 3rd applications to run in the background, Trillian and others with push notification and multi-IM support becomes very integral to one's online social life.

A prevail rumor, though I think it's more about hope, is that Apple will enter the social service scene with text, voice, or video.  With all that is possible, Apple should enter the market.  However, it should be mindful that the success of the iPhone and iPod Touch owes largely to the sweat and blood (okay, probably not a whole lot of blood) of 3rd party developers working to provide great apps for iTunes.

Only Apple knows why there is a two month delay in Trillian getting approved.  The fact that it has not been rejected only made me very curious.  Perhaps, Trillian somehow fell into the same category as Google Voice.  

Perhaps with certain apps like Google Voice, Apple has developed a new purgatorial category of "continue to study it".  

Impact on mobile warriors:  I hold firm the belief that an open wireless network is important for social and educational development and, therefore, vital to any nation's security.  For Apple to be doing something weird with their app store approval process is just not acceptable.

Ordinarily, I would put mobile Apple posts over at On Apple but this is bigger than just about Apple.  Though I'm not a big government interference guy, I'm glad the FCC's inquiry into ATT, Apple, and now Google Voice is getting to more serious matters such as network access for devices, apps, and services.  

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