App For That Term Abused

Last week, I was discuss with some friends in the tech sector about mobile news.  Apple this, Microsoft that, Google and Verizon does Droid, etc.

One of the topic was something that I had a feeling was about to get out of control.  Well, it did today.  You know those Apple iPhone commercials.  The term used often was "there's an app for that".  Well, along that line, bloggers started using it and abusing it.  Then it was used by the Droid campaign from Verizon Wireless (though some said it's Motorola).

Now the great state of Florida is getting into it.  I'll let you watch the video and you'll see how they've even outdone VW and the bloggers.

Pretty cool, eh?  Swipes and pinches included too.

More on this at CNet.


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