Monday, November 9, 2009

Breaking: Google Just Bought AdMob for $$$

Via CBS Marketwatch, I just found out Google bought AdMob for $750
million in stocks. That's a lot of confidence in the market place for
mobile ads.

AdMob has grown quite a bit with increase in mobile Internet use over
the last couple of years, specifically, with iPhone ads served.

This is certainly a very interest move by Google. There is no more
information at this time. How will this affect the marketplace? Not
much but it certainly gives Google a legs up as it tries to dominate
mobile ad and search.

That's right, my fellow mobile warriors. Mobility is here to stay and
given the vote of confidence Google just placed in mobile, we're sure
to see a lot of interesting developments.

Note: No cash was involved so I wonder if it also means the AdMob
folks also think Google's value will continue to rise.

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