Sunday, November 29, 2009

Energy Galore - Some Day

There's been a talk of a lot of green tech.  This time, it appears to be for real with a Democratic President in the White House.  Well, that's just here in the United States.  It is typically reported that Germany and Japan lead green energy production via solar methodologies.

While fossil fuel dependence will not go away for a while longer, until we run out or there is a miraculous breakthrough green tech that allows for renewable energy to be produced cheaply, we will just have to live with the fact that it'll take decades for the energy infrastructure, not just in the United States, but all over the world, to be sufficiently upgraded to maximize efficiency and have the ability to store green energy.

See, I had hoped that there will even be a day when we will have an abundance of energy.  I'm being serious.  How can we go from not having enough to having too much?  Simple.  Assuming we don't blow ourselves to kingdom-come fighting over energy and natural resources before this dream of mine is realized, we are heading towards a fossil-less market.  More solar panels are going up.  Wind power is gaining a lot of momentum.  Smart grids are coming online.  Options for green energy storage are more realistic than ever before.

Other technologies that power our society are increasingly more efficient, able to squeeze more energy out of fuel than ever before.  More efficient cars, trucks, and ships.  More efficient lightbulbs.  Less energy hungry televisions.

Let's not forget mobile either.  LED screens, SSD drives, low-energy CPUs, new battery technologies all contribute to make smartphones, mobile devices like the iPhone, and laptops do more with less while having the ability to go the distance in a standard work day.

Once more, I remind all the mobile warriors, who happen to be green warriors, that this isn't going to be easy.  We'll have a lot of false starts, setbacks, and likely political foot-dragging, but I think in time, common sense solutions for a green energy future will continue to our lives better.

Yeah, especially for my mobile readers.

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