Monday, November 23, 2009

Mobility While Caring For A Kid At Disneyland Or Other Public Places

I know that the PC (politically correct) word is "child".  Still, when you've got a child running, yelling, and playing, let me have this one.  A kid.

So I took my 3-year old nephew to the Happy Place on Earth.  Here's a tip.  You would think with Monday being a work and school day, Sunday would be one of the lighter days at Disneyland.  Doh!  Apparently, it's their 2nd most busiest but the most crowded day of the week.

So obviously, if you've got a child with you, you wouldn't want to carry around a laptop.  Then again, why carry a laptop to Disneyland?  Well, my cousin has an annual pass and she likes the atmosphere.  So I can see why some folks would want to go there just to hang out.  But I was with a child.

I did see a Kindle DX there.  First time I've seen one on person.  I had a small chat with Dave the Mobile Warrior about that but that's something we'll post about later.

What I didn't see a lot of was cell phones, smartphones, or mobile devices like the iPhone.  Here's what I noted.

  • Folks without kids had their iPhones (there was a lot) out while they waited in the 20-30 minute-long line.
  • Folks with kids either didn't have mobile devices or cell phones but I suspect they had to watch over their kids instead of surfing the Web, reading, or playing games.  
  • Folks with kids had cameras.  There was enough flashes to generate their own sun.  
  • Cameras on mobile devices are horrible  as it is.  Even worse trying to capture "the moment" with kids zipping around.
  • There an app for that.  It's called MouseWait.  It sells you how long the wait for the rides are.  There are also Disney's own apps but I didn't find any relating to Disneyland.  I'm sure there is but I was in a rush and couldn't find what I was looking for.  
  • Twitter and Facebook are a good way to get together with people and reporting back on your moment to moment activities.
  • There is actually designated stroller parking lots.  

  • There isn't Wi-Fi that I could connect to.  Given Steve Jobs' influence at  Disney, I'm surprise.  Pixar influence was heavily felt.  Maybe we'll see Google or someone step in to offer the Mickies, Minnies, Donalds, Goofies, and Toy Story gang some way to link to the Internet wirelessly soon.
So, it was a good day with my nephew.  These days, having an Internet connection is good to have but in a place like Disneyland, it's not quite necessarily unless you're using apps to find out how long lines are and looking for things to do.

Perhaps there already is one but if Disney can create an app with Disney's going-ons and a realtime update, that would really help a lot.

Note:  These pics were taken with an iPhone.  I didn't share the awful ones.  I don't think you care to see them.

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