Average Is A Good Thing

Apparently, being average is a good thing in the wireless industry. For instance, ATT said that having 30% of your calls in New York dropped is about right. Without picking sides, I wonder of this is a good thing or not.

That means there are wireless providers with worse drop calls than others on the market.

But just for the sake of disclosure, what exactly is ATT walking about. National average is one thing but what about the average by area? SF. LA. What about the suburbs?

But does anything less than 99.99% of calls going through something that just is impossible to achieve.

Anyone know what the percentage of drop calls are in other areas outside of NY and countries?

I bring this up now because over the weekend, someone asked if I still used my landline. Apparently, they tried reaching me but couldn't for a whole afternoon. I got calls but I kept getting noises and other anomolies.


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