Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bing-flavored Android and Yahoo-Skins

Bing-flavored Android? That’s what I’m talking about here. With Google coming out with its own phone, the Nexus One, I wonder if its partners won’t feel jilted by this move no matter now much assurances that Google might have offered on that front.

So, I’ve got a solution for Motorola, Verizon, Samsung, and others. Replace Google’s webapp services with those from Microsoft or Yahoo’s offerings. Perhaps Microsoft isn’t necessarily going to be satisfied with this solution but Yahoo ought to consider given that of the three big search engines, only Yahoo has no mobile platform of its own.

If you think about it, it absolutely makes sense and it’ll help Microsoft or Yahoo gain a foothold in the mobile market. So far, Google continues to make inroads into mobile search very much the same way it did with the desktop OS. That isn’t to say that Google will dominate mobile the way it is doing with traditional search but why make it easier for Google?

Where did I come up with this? Bing on the iPhone. I have been using the app for a while now and it’s much better than what Google’s app is capable of. And it looks good too. This also goes the same for Yahoo’s iPhone apps.

Thank Google for making Android available and app and hardware developers mix things up a bit with Bing and Yahoo services.

As for Yahoo, I’d go further and leverage its expertise in building webapps and widgets and craft its own skin for the Android. I love to be able to immerse my mobile experience with Yahoo’s plethora of services.

I think until Microsoft’s WM 7 gets into the game, the battle for the mind-share will be about the iPhone, Android gaining momentum in the market, and RIM’s push in the mobile consumer market. So, Android’s innate customizability provides developers another aspect with which to differentiate themselves from others.

And at the end of the day, we mobile users win because of the added choice for search and other services on a platform that is dominated by Google. We’ve often seen what happens when a company takes consumers for granted.

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