Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google's Phone Is Real And It's Called NEXUS ONE

I hesitate to call it the GooglePhone or gPhone because anything with Android on it is a mobile device with telephony functions.

With that said, you might know by now that Google unleashed upon its workers the official Google phone. There is a lot of vagueness that about it so far.  I am hoping to get my hands on it (I know folks in Google).  But so far, the hype is real.

I repeat: all the hype you're reading about the Google phone is real. It's awesome. It's a good iPhone substitute.

Here's what we know:

  • Fraking awesome!
  • It's officially called Nexus One
  • When this is released, we won't know if this is the form factor it'll come in.
  • It's Unlocked!!!  That means T-Mobile, ATT, and other GSM networks will be able to use it.  I don't get quite how the different in frequencies used by networks will allow the device to take advantage of the 3G networks.
  • Nexus One is already being logged on multiple sites.
  • Runs on Android 2.1

Personally opinion?  I'd drop my G1 in a heartbeat and pay premium for this.  Wait, I'm gonna want to know about the battery life and then decide whether I need to get one or two extra ones because I'll be using the hell out of it.

Another thing I like to know is what the insides are.  What CPU is being used and what graphics capability does it have.  I'm not looking for PSP caliber but I want to be able to use all the candy-eyes without any slowdown or lags.

Having said that, yeah, I highly endorse getting this when it's out.  I'm not big on the Droid because of the keyboard but this is a totally differently creature, the Nexus One.  It looks like the HTC Passion as much folks have pointed it out.  It was already the one I've been eyeing for a long time.

So what is the Passion?  It's a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU with a 5MP camera, 3.7" screen, scroll wheel, and with all the bells-and-whistles that comes with a modern mobile device these days.

So, why is google offering this now?  It's called eating your own dog food.  And this is on a massive scale.  Here's Google's official word on the matter:

At Google, we are constantly experimenting with new products and technologies, and often ask employees to test these products for quick feedback and suggestions for improvements in a process we call dogfooding (from "eating your own dogfood"). Well this holiday season, we are taking dogfooding to a new level.

We recently came up with the concept of a mobile lab, which is a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities, and we shared this device with Google employees across the globe. This means they get to test out a new technology and help improve it.

Unfortunately, because dogfooding is a process exclusively for Google employees, we cannot share specific product details. We hope to share more after our dogfood diet.

There you have it.  You interested in upgrading your Android phone now?

More at the following sites:

I do have one major concern.  While I applaud Google's entry into the mobile market, I am concerned about what this will do to the Droid (meaning VW and Motorola), Samsung, and all the rest who will have to compete with not just the rest of the market but now with Google.  I suppose we'll know in due time.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Nexus One in 2010.  Also, look for a lot of back-and-forth between tech pundits, Apple and Google fans, and dumbass Wall Street analysts who will chime in on the matter.  Be sure to come back for the opinions from On Android, a real user from day one.

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