Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mobile Summary

There's a lot going on in the mobile market.  And by market, I mean it in the broadest sense.  eBooks, netbooks, smartphones, OS wars, and pitch battles between wireless providers.

As you might know, Apple and Google worked together for many years, especially since the iPhone came out.  While I am certain they still work together on some things, the relationship between the two cash rich tech giants aren't as rosy as it once was.  However, I have to state the following:  no one knows for sure just how far apart the two companies have become.  Maybe a bit.  Maybe a lot.

If I had to put money on it, I'd say war is coming.

Then there's the Kindle versus Nook battle.  Well, it's not quite there yet since Kindle is on its 2nd generation hardware while Barnes and Noble is having issues filling orders.  But given the response Nook is getting, I'm looking forward to additional innovation in this market.

In the long run, eBook readers can not survive as standalone or one-dimensional device.  Why?  Because on the horizon are tablets like Apple's iTablet (or whatever it'll be called and, yes, it's coming) and potentially devices based on other mobile platforms will be on the market in a short while and the only way the Nook and Kindle can be relevant is if they become more like tablets.

As for netbooks, I have a love-hate relationship with it.  I like my MacWind but for the most part, it's just a Hulu machine while the demands of my mobile computing require a full-sized laptop.  I'm hoping in 2010, there will be a subclass of netbooks that have better quality build and more advanced specs from Intel.

As for our wireless gatekeepers, ATT and Verizon Wireless have been going at it for weeks now on Prime Time television.  It's all rather childish but it makes great drama.  VW laid claim to having the biggest 3G coverage while ATT claimed to have the fastest 3G network that allows the user to simultaneously use the phone and access the Internet.

And speaking of wireless networks, we've got a first in LTE network deployed.  TeliaSonera launched its LTE network, the first of its kind, in Oslo and Stockholm.  Hats off to these folks.  But I have to point that WiMax has a larger customer base at the moment.  While I'm waiting for LTE access in the US, 3G is still the big dog in town or almost anywhere else in this planet and we should see much improved in upload and download speed shortly.

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