Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ordering Food Mobilely

I just order a pizza with an app through my iPhone. Seriously, this is awesome. Food!

I have ordered things from Amazon and ebooks but this is the first time I have ordered something to eat.

So I was thinking. With better organization, it's possbile for a wireless protocol to be created, with maybe the help of credit card companies or Opentable, to allow more restaurants to gain a wider pool of eaters by allowing them to serve customers more efficiently.

More than just ordering online or making dinner reservations, patrons can choose what they like to order ahead of time. Perhaps even days ahead.

This will serve everyone well. Food can be cooked even before a customer arrives. This can help some places deal with the wait and the crowd. Also, it helps restaurants better manage what they need to stock up in terms of food, thereby, potentially reduce waste.

What do you think?

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