Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Will Change Mobile in 2010?

We're less from 40 hours away from a new year. As Steven Colbert like to call it "oh-ten". For the mobile world, we are set to be dazzled with new features..

2010 Will usher in new mobile advancements that goes beyond e-reading or being able to surf the Web while talking at the same time. New and creative (sometimes weird) uses of your iPhones, WM or Android smartphones, or Pres, will allow you to do more than ever on your mobile devices.

Three areas I am particularly focusing on and I think they will forever change how we deal with each other, interact with our surroundings, and get information.
  • video conferencing - we've already know vid talk exists just like books were there before Kindle.  But a device or two ought to make it easier for people to do this in 2010.
  • live video streaming - peer-to-peer or broadcasting via apps like Qik
  • augmented reality - yes, this will have broad appeal in 2010.  More than that, I'm predicting a wikipedia model or crowd-sourcing will take place.  
Why not ebook readers? Frankly, we've seen it all pretty much with Kinde and Sony eReader in 2008, and the Nook in 2009. Nothing fancy that eReader or the Nook added to the Kindle. And as excited as folks are about Apple's forthcoming tablet, unless there is something radical about it, it really provides an extension to existing mobile computing functions.

What else do you think are new mobile apps or technologies that we are likely to be excited about in 2010 that will forever change society?

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