Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adobe: No Flash on iAnything, Get Over It!

Folks.  I want to say I use Flash on just about everything on the Web that has to do with gaming and video.  Youtube.  That's right.  Hulu.  Can't do without Flash as far as I know.  Gaming.  Definitely.

Now, there's a new HTML, HTML 5, that might one day supplement Flash but that day isn't here yet and I'm happy Adobe is adapting its platform and evolving it with greater power and freedom.

I also like Adobe very much.  I use it for a lot of my work.  Now, Adobe, frak, dude.  Get over it.  Apple, namely, Steve Jobs, will never ever allow Flash to run on anything that Apple builds that starts with "i".

Adobe is lucky that Apple is allowing plug-ins at all in Safari.  So folks, don't be surprised one day if Apple's desktop browser one day stops supporting Safari and makes everyone use HTLM 5 for their needs.

So, what should Adobe do?  Well, there are plenty of other platforms that Apple has no say on.  Windows Mobile. Okay, they'll run into Silverlight there.  But there's Symbian, Linux, and Android.  That's like 90% of the mobile market there.  Plenty for Adobe to roam and swim in.

But here's a bold move I like to propose.  But your own mobile platform.  Heck, in fact, create one.  That's too hard and too risk a move that no one at Adobe will even consider.

I mean, look, Palm's cheap.  $2.5-3 Billion out to net you a pretty modern mobile OS.  Use it to showcase your technology, kind of like what Google is doing with Android.

What do you say, folks?  Adobe, get over it.  You're not going to see Flash run on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or anything mobile from Apple.  Keep innovating.  Make others need you.

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