Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fees, LTE, And Billions For Good Apps, And One More Thing

There's something big that's happen today in the mobile world but I don't seem to remember what it can be. We've got the Nexus One already. Something about Facebook being the most visited mobile social site? No, that's not it. Zune phone? No, that's in March or something.

Oh, I remember now. It's the SOTU address tonight and you can watch it on your iPhone or iPod Touch if you download the White House app (onxo:  government mobile). For the rest of you mobile warriors, you can listen to the President's address tonight on radio, your mobile devices via NPR, or do it old-school: watch it on your Flash-enabled browser.

By the way, a few mobile news everyone's gonna want to be interested in. By 2013, mobile apps will account for $15 billion dollars of mobile revenue. So, for anyone who has a fart app or, rather, something slightly more useful, there's a market for that.

However, I'm not sure that number is accurate. $15 billion based on 16.2 billion downloads. The research outfit that came up with this also assumes that 15% of the download will be paid. That's 2.43 billion apps that are actually paid for. That comes out to $6.17 per app. Obviously, they don't know about the major of the $.99 app in the iTunes app store. (Mobile-Ent)

Personally, I think a $3 average is more likely. That's put my estimate somewhere south of $7.5 billion. Still, not bad at all.

Also, the FCC is gunning for ATT, Google, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon on the exorbitant termination fees these guys are charging. Google and VW seems to think they ought to profit a bit more than what they would otherwise charge for selling the device outright.

Finally, CNet has a very good post on what's the state of the wireless network upgrade with various providers.  Lately, believe WiMax shows more promise than LTE given that 3G networks still have a lot of room to grow in terms of speed and stability.  Also, Clearwire has indicated that it isn't necessarily married to one particular technology.  I see a hybrid WiMax-LTE chip in the future, don't you?  (More at CNet)

Yeah, that's it for mobile news.  Still I think I'm forgetting something huge that's going to change the mobile world as we know it.  If I can only remember...see, I was so excited about it that I couldn't sleep last night.  And now, lacking sleep, I don't remember what it is.  Oh well, if I only had a tablet or a slate or a pad handy, I could have written it down in a form of a digital diary.

Maybe someone should develop just such a device.  Hey, Steve Jobs, boy, have I got a great idea for your next " more thing...".

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