Monday, January 25, 2010

Value of Warranty For Your Mobile Device

I hate insurance companies.  Can't do without them (because of the law and the lawsuit-happy culture we live in) and they know it.  Car and home insurance companies are alike.  Medical too.  But what of trying to buy a bit of insurance for your gadgets?

I mostly scoff at offers I receive from employees at Best Buy about coverage for my mouse or monitor.  Sure, buddy, I look that stupid to you?  Apple Care?  Right.  Wasn't born yesterday, my man.

Well, over the weekend, a friend's iPhone 3G died.  Days from being eligible from getting a new one from ATT and mere months from a new iPhone model from Apple.  What's one to do?

Well, had she gotten Apple Care, that would have solved the problem.

So now, being so close to such an unfortunate situation, I wonder if this $5 a month offers from T-Mobile I laughed off to cover my G1 might not be such a bad idea.  Okay, perhaps not the G1.  But when I get my Nexus One or Two or maybe another iPhone, I should seriously consider getting some kind of assurance just in case my superhuman clumsiness gets the better of me.

One consideration that I think most of my fellow mobile warriors ought to consider is maybe to get enough coverage for the first year or 15-18 months.  I think that should be adequate for most people.  And if you're in the last quarter of your two-year contract, who cares, right?  If your device worked for the first 18 months, it is likely going to work for another six months.

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