Wish I Have My iPad For The Weekend

I have a full weekend. I am going to be on the move quite a bit. I think I could have a lot of use for Apple's just released iPad. And I think I would be using it as the way it is designed to be used.

By that I mean a 3G-enabled iPad that I can whip out of my Jack Bauer-approved messenger bag when ever I need to look something up on the Internet.

I remembered the first time I took my iPhone on a trip across the city on the trains. As you know, you're limited to by the battery life. It's pretty much the same for all smartphones and mobile devices.

But with the iPad, you pretty much get 10 hours of Internet use or video playback. I can't wait to see how this baby hadles a full day of 3G Internet, word and blog processing, and game playing. And hopefully with future updates, some multitasking involving Skyping.

For now, I've got my trusty iPhone and G1 for the next 87 days.


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