Thursday, February 4, 2010

ATT Allows Slingplayer To Work On 3G Network; More Changes To Come

If you like change and truly ones that you can see and be affected by, this is it. AT&T will soon allow the iPhone version of Slingplayer to stream video over their 3G network. At the moment, iPhone users are restricted Wi-Fi streaming. (More at On Apple).

This comes in the heel of last week's announcement from Apple that it was allowing VOIP using 3G network on the iPhone and, later, the iPad 3G.

For mobile warriors, this is a big step forward even if you're not an iPhone user. Individually, this doesn't seem to say much but AT&T seems to be a lot more confident about their 3G reliability and the ability to support the iPhone and the upcoming iPad.

Moreover, the relaxation of restrictions that were put in place moves us closer to the golden age when we can do virtually whatever we want over wireless networks, 3G now and LTE or WiMax later. We'll eventually do away with insane voice plans and simply pay for wireless Internet access.

With increasing competitive pressure from every quarter in this multi-front wireless war, wireless providers, service providers, and hardware makers all need to continue to evolve and innovate to gain any kind of advantage in the marketplace.

And we all win as a result.

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