Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bill To Promote Mobility in Business, Education, and Society

The United States Senate passed a jobs bill that out to easily get to the President's desk for passage.  I haven't looked at the bill in depth.  But whatever form it takes by the time President Obama signs it, I hope it works.

Now, I'm asking you if some kind of bill is needed to help speed up adoption of technology.  I'm specifically talking about wireless technology.  And given how much we rely on tech these days, from school to business to picking where to eat for dinner, I think further penetration of wireless use can only benefit the economy and technological innovation.

Here are some things I like to see:
  1. Tax breaks for building out infrastructure.  Provisions can including hiring.  For those who are hawks against outsourcing, you'll like this one.  You can't exactly outsource building new wireless networks in the US to folks in India or China.
  2. Encourage uses of netbooks, tablets, and laptops in education.  Federal mandate that encourages states to innovate and try out new ideas to use technology to bolster students' education.
  3. Government grants into wireless technology - for instance, use of GPS to improve infrastructure and travel efficiency.  Imagine if we can cut down traffic even by 10% across the board in the US, we would save a lot on energy and gas emissions.  
  4. Make new battery technology a priority.  While screen and silicon improvements have greatly contributed to better battery life in mobile devices, batteries itself has not been pulling its own weight.  Specifically, special provisions, tax breaks and federal partnerships, are needed to shorten the time it takes for a technical breakthrough to come to the market.  Don't you just hate it when you read about a great idea at UCLA but to learn at the end of the article that it'll be 5 years before we seen it on the market.  Talk about a bait and switch.
  5. Paper mills aren't going to like this but go paperless.  The government should lead in ways to cut down on paper work.  Just as the Obama administration has been working on overhauling the healthcare industry, a variety of government agencies needs to develop ways to cut down on paperwork and automate information processing.  With less paper being pushed from one desk to another, it ought to move up the speed at which the government works.  Imagine not having to wait hours in line at the DMV for the slightest paperwork.
Those are ideas that quickly comes to mind.  I've tried to minimize the amount of intrusion of any mandate that the voters will find abhorrent in this political environment we're in.  And 2010 is an election year.

Done right with common sense ideas, I think a wireless technology bill with bipartisan support can benefit society across the geopolitical spectrum and all parts of the US (and global) economy.  It'll be popular with unions, businesses, and mobile users.  It'll benefit the efficiency of the government and the private sector while setting up a society is both smarter and more technically savy.  

And of course, the bill should keep an eye on the future as everyone else outside of the United States are also trying to create the same wireless and competitive market.

I like to come back and visit this subject.  I think with enough support and if this catches the eye of some wireless lobbyists (generally, I don't have any need for these guys), Congressional aide looking to help his or her boss score political points, or even a US Representative or Senator, we can really help start something incredible here.

After all, we're "mobile warriors" right?

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