Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can We Shop For Cars Over Wireless Internet?

I'm going shopping for a car today. My folks are buy and I'm asked to go. I know nothing about cars. They did no research whatsoever. They've got no plans about what they're getting nor how much they're willing to pay. Well, there's is a plan: getting ripped off.

So, is there some way to use my iPhone or Android device to make sure that we're getting a good deal? If there is an app for that, I like to know it. If there isn't one, there ought to be an "app for that".

Again, I know nothing about cars and even less about haggling. A quick search turned up a couple of apps of interest. Interestingly, an insurance company called Nationwide Mutual Insurance relased an app called Cartopia that allows folks to get information on cars for shopping and comparison purposes.

I'm downloading it as I'm writing but it's only got two stars out of five. Not very promising but it's all I've got at this moment. The main complaint about it is that it's too complicated to use. Again, it's all I've got at this moment. I'm sure as an iPhone, it's substandard but for other platforms, it might be God-send.

Just now, I tried looking at it. It is complicated. But I'm going to use it and get back to everyone about it.

Kelly Blue Book also released an web app called KBB. You use it right out of the mobile Web browser which I'm sure is optimized for Webkit-based apps. Looks more promising but it isn't as specific as the VN but it should be fine.

Anyway, gotta go! Wish me luck!

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