Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lots Of People Still Talking and Driving

I do talking on my phone at times when I drive.  When I'm waiting at a red light.  When I'm trying to find places to park.  When I'm on the freeway.  But never with one hand on the wheel and another with the phone propped up against my ear.

I'm either on a BT speaker or with a earpiece.  Most of the time, I ignore my phone when it rings.

But I still see a lot of folks do that.  And the other day, my friend and I nearly became statistics.

In fact, the driver didn't even bother to slow down while making a left.  I don't think she was even aware that we were nearly a third of the way across the street.

Anyway, I just have to rant a bit.  Even within my own family and circle of friends, there are those who can't help but yap on the phone right the moment it rings.  Nor can they wait the 10 minutes or so it takes for them to get to where they're going on their car and then make the call once they're not operating a vehicle.

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