Saturday, February 6, 2010

This Is Why I Read Rumors But Won't Write About Them

I love reading about tech rumors. Apple's iCar? Sure, the more the better. Google is going to form its own nationality? My question next is do they offer duo-citizenship? Looks like the Obama Administration will nationalize the telecoms and everyone will be able to stream Hulu and Netflix until their eyeballs pop out.

See? Was that fun? I love reading about them. Unfortunately, the bulk of the rumors out there are made up or planted by companies themselves for their own benefits. I'm sure half the stuff about the iPhone are made up while the other half as just pure speculations that became something else.

It's like this kid's game I used to play in elementary school. You line up the class and have one kid at one end say something to the next sitting next to him or her. And he or she will do the same until it gets to the last child. And when you ask what him or she what was said, it will almost always be different from what the original message was. I'm sure tech rumors operate this way.

Still I love reading about them because it's fun. But I don't like sharing them. Here's why. This is a link from Dave the Mobile Warrior from the Cringely blog about the iPad. Boy, talk about being so far off. I don't want to say they made this stuff up just for hits but boy, you can't make a up a better rumor than this one.

The "beta tester" basically gave them everything they wanted to hear. Cameras? Sure, you want two of them? HD tuner (dude, use your brain, fellas)? It's got one of those! It'll also whisper sweet-nothing to you just because it knows you love it more than your first born.

Maybe the blog got thrown off by the fact that it'll be available on Verizon Wireless and AT&T and not with Sprint or T-Mobile. Maybe this sliver of reality made them thing this beta tester is a real deal.

Anyway, I'm fine with rumors. Keep them coming! But make sure they at least sound plausible.

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