Tuesday, March 2, 2010

App Idea For Tablets: An Intelligent Music Sheet App

I have had house guests for the past 3 months and it was one of the best times of my life. But they’re gone now (almost), and I’m adjust to life, living alone again. I’m sorry to see them go but like most things in my life such as this, they’re fleeting.

However, I was able to find time this morning for a decent run, came home, showered, and found myself with some time. I suppose I work up early and found the empty house a bit discomfortable. So I sat at my piano that had no been used for these few months and started hacking away. Hacking because the pieces I was working on is taking me quite a bit longer than I expected.

But it got me thinking about the iPads and tablets that are coming. I would love a music sheet app. Not only that, I’m looking for some features that can’t be found on standard old paper sheets or books.

I want the following features:
  • Ability for the app to listen in on the music being played.
  • As it “listens”, it’s able to track your progress.
  • It will turn or scroll as you play so there isn’t the turning of the pages like we have to do now.
  • While listening, it can tell you what notes are being played and if you’re playing it right.
  • While listening, it can provide you with the right pace of play.
  • It will have a built in metrotone so you can hear the click of the tempo while you play. Or you can turn off the sound and see some kind of flashing indicator.
I'm sure there are other mobile musicians out there who would like to see something like this.  I'm sure I'll be asking too much of this app allows users to create their own music and share it on some kind of social network.

Hopefully, one of the music sheet sellers can create an app with just what I'm asking for.

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