Sunday, March 28, 2010

List of Top Ten News Sources

In reading a Washington Post article about Glen Beck, who I agree is a clown, it gave us the top ten places the Web audience goes to get their news.
  1. Yahoo News - no surprise here
  2. MSNBC - not bad.  the website is very good but the broadcast really has bad, placing lasts behind Fox News and CNN.  
  3. AOL - this is a bit of a surprise.  I'm rooting for them because of their history.  
  4. CNN - good source of news.  sometimes information is hard to find.  I think CNN can charge online users for exclusive live broadcasts to what they've got on television.
  5. NY Times - coming in at 5, this does offer the paper hope of being able to charge for content.
  6. Google News - this is surprising.  But I have noticed that I go there quite a bit more because of how it organizes similar articles on topics I want to read about
  7. Fox News - given the perceived "anger" at the governmental establishment (incumbents).  Right or not, it does offer an online forum for right of center (and further right) readers to go read about a different take on news than from CNN or the NY Times
  8. ABC News - this is surprisingly low for them.  I don't know how they can fix this.
  9. Washington Post - it has been marginalized and read mainly among more elite and educated.  Mainstream folks aren't going to come here to find anything they can't find more easily from Yahoo or AOL.
  10. USA Today - they've tried social media components over the year but I guess it hasn't worked out.  Still, not bad.
A few sites that haven't made this list includes CBS News, WSJ, or one of the few wired services.

The trend will continue to show a diffusion as users, specifically mobile Internet users, become more Web savy and continue to look for news that geared towards their specific interests, for instance, politics and mobile techs like the iPhone.

It'll be sites like Politco and Drudge that provide political news, Engadget and Gizmodo for the latest on tech gadgets, and other media or social sites that are tailored specifically with speciality interests for their audience.

It isn't unheard of for many of the smaller sites to break news before even mainstream media (yes, including Fox News).  Last year's breaking news on Michael Jackson is a prime example of a specialty site breaking news before others did.  TMZ broke the news hours before anyone else, including the resourceful local LA media knew what was going on.

In the future, we'll see more of this.  Meanwhile, I continue to troll these top sites as well as media sites via my RSS readers.

More at Washington Post (again, coming in at number 9).

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