Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sprint: We've Got Your 4G Right Here

Really, Sprint has 4G now. WiMax. It's in some places. Nowhere near where I live but somewhere. And Sprint is attempting to push this on iPhone users. I'm sure others fit into this category as well.

In the latest advertising spot, Sprint mocks AT&T's 3G network and attempts to supplement it by offering its unfinished, albeit existing, 4G network.

It's a clever spot. I'm not sure the iPhone users ought to be its target audience. I think it's more of the iPod Touch and Wi-Fi only iPads that Sprint should be going after.


It's very Apple-esque. AT&T, your move. Oh, right...LTE in 2012, is it? No wonder Sprint isn't in that big of a hurry to push out WiMax to the rest of the country.

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