Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tablets Perfect In An Office And For Those On the Move

I'm at home mostly when I'm not at work or the gym. Okay, scratch the gym part. But I do move around from one location to another. Today, I had to move around quite a bit as the cleaning crew worked on my house. I also move around the office from time to time.

This is where a laptop comes into play. And soon, tablets. Be it for meetings or moving around as the cleaning crew work, I have had to vacate to get out of their way. Right now, I use my Macbook but I also use my G1 and iPhone when I don't need the power of a laptop. If I want to update Facebook or Twitter, do a quick e-mail check, or scan the headlines, the iPhone and G1 works nicely.

What if I don't need a full sized laptop but I want a bigger screen and a bit more freedom? Ah, this is where Steve Jobs put the iPad, right between the iPhone and the Macbook.

What I like mostly is the long battery life that comes with the iPad (hopefully, other tablets will also have long battery life). For this class of light weight devices, long battery life is a must.

For meetings, many people drag their laptops into the conference. Instead of that, tablets will be used. Notes, schedules, and any information gathered that are typed can quickly sync to the users' databases from the tablets. Google has really made this so easy with their cloud oriented services. Apple and others are trying to duplicate that. I'll get more into this later but for now, easy access to data is a must. It's a killer app as far as mobility is concerned.

But the fact that the iPad sits snuggly between the iPhone and the Macbook (for others, it's a smartphone and just about any laptop), Apple is trying to convey that the iPad has more to offer than the netbook. I can't say I agree with that though. I've got a netbook and it works very well.

My main gripe about netbooks is the portability if you want to compare it to the tablet. Plus, most netbooks doesn't come close what what the battery life of coming tablets offer. On top of that, netbooks doesn't run specialized OS catered to this class computers. As a result, there could be a lot of processing power wasted, sucking up energy. I think Chrome OS might change that a bit but we won't know until the end of the year.

The main advantage the iPad has is this specialized OS that runs on it. It'll be interesting once people start using them in the wild how much of an impact it will have on the mobility realm.

Personally, I'm a geek-wannabe (I don't claim to be once, they wouldn't have me) and I like new technology. And the iPad is just such a new tech with the potential to really improve how we do things. And this is "change" that we can see and believe in quickly.

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