Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Mobile: Tablets On TV And Movies and Cleaning the House

I'm cleaning up my house ahead of the cleaning lady coming over tomorrow. Yeah, I have to clean up a bit before she comes. It's just the nature of things are for me. And no, it's not that I can really afford a cleaning lady, it's just that the house really needs cleaning.

Having said that, two things about mobile here.

First, as I'm working on putting things in order, making it easier for the cleaning lady, I'e got Stargate Atlantis running in the background (house is quiet). One of the most interesting aspects about the show, other than the ability to travel between worlds (and that ever alien race speaks English), is that the personnel on Atlantis uses tablets a lot.

Had Atlantis been made this year or next instead of 5 years ago, instead of laptop tablets, we'll see iPads or maybe even Android pads. Think about it, the iPhone already owns a big chunk of air time on primetime shows. Next year, we will likely see tablets dominate shows that utilize tech. CSI, shows in Syfy, and thrillers like "24".

Should there be a straight-to-DVD movie made for Stargate Atlantis, I'm pretty sure McKay and Zelenka will be saving the universe from the Wraith or Replicators using iPads instead of the bulky Toshiba tablets they had to lugg around on Atlantis.

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