Monday, March 1, 2010

WiFi On Amtrak - Shows More Needs To Be Done To Provide Wireless Access

It's great that Amtrak is now offer wireless Internet access on some of its routes but it really just shows that so much more has to be done and can be done.

For instance, in some places where public transportations and taxis are ubiquitous, it makes sense for the local government or private companies to install access points at intervals to allow wider Internet coverage. And it would be a great source of additional revenue in this kind of economy.

As the buses move around and the taxis serve the city, it allows patrons to be able to access fast Internet.  After all, not everyone has 3G access all the time and only a small minority of the workforce has a wireless-enabled mobile device for Web access. And I'm sure it won't be for some years before a large portion of the population has this capability.

As a matter of fact, this isn't without precedent as a school in Arizona provides Internet access on its school bus (Engadget). What started out as a pilot has turned into more as school officials found increased productivity (and likely, less wedgies and spitballs).

And in downtown areas where there are a lot of public transportions, installing wireless Internet access on taxis and buses allow a large portion of an area to be blanketed by WiFi coverage.  This is a cheap way to provide Internet access.

Along that note, it would be great if parking meters which are everywhere these days also act as access points.  Makes sense right?

More at Yahoo News.

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