Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blogpress Via iPad

This is the first post i am making from the new Blogpress app that is optimized for the Ipad as well as the iPhone. Up until now, I was writing through the Blogger page through Safari.

What I am excited about is that we are only days since the launch with a vast majority of the developers still getting used to the iPad and added real estate on the screen.

Not only is this just the beginning, keep in mind that we are still using iPhone 3.2. We are hours away from being introduced to iPhone 4.0. Once Steve Jobs gives the okay to release It to the iPhone, iPod Toiuch, and iPad users, we are looking at our Apple mobile devices gaining new functions and capabilities.

Then imagine months after developers have had a chance to play with the new mobile OS, we will be treated to giant leap in mobile computing. As a consumer of of data, media, and apps, it doesn't get any better than this.

As Apple fans, it'll be interesting to see Apple's competitors begin their annual ritual of scrambling to catch up to the iDevices and what they can do. If the rumors of what Apple is arming iPhone 4.0 for the mobile war, it's gonna get really ugly for everyone else.

-- Post From My iPad

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