Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HP Now Owns Palm

Just minutes ago, news broke that HP has bought Palm for $1.2 billion.

Why HP? Well, we'll have to let the dust settle a bit before analyzing this deal. We need to know who goes and who stays and what everyone's new roles are in the merger.

The question is going to be whether Jon Rubinstein is going to stay. And if so, what role he will play. I've always like Palm and rooted for them when WebOS came out but time was not on their side. They had once chance to succeed with Sprint and that failed. By the time Palm brought the Pre over to Verizon Wireless, Droid and the surging Android platform had already established itself.

With HP, Palm and WebOS should have a bigger role to play. Not to mentioned a deep pocket parent company.

Best of luck to the new company.

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