Saturday, April 17, 2010

Icelandic Event & Mobile Tech Like Video Conferencing Becomes Important

We already know that Norway's Prime Minister is stranded in NYC governing from his iPad because he cannot fly to back to Oslo due to the volcanic ash covering most of northern Europe.

This really is a sobering experience. As I've mentioned in a previous post, even President Obama had to cancel his trip to attend the funeral processions for the late president and other Polish politicians killed in the plane crash last week.

On the technology front, this makes mobile tech all the more important. More than just political leaders not being able to travel, business executives are like grounded for obvious reasons. Goods that needed to be transported by air are probably still sitting in the belly of cargo planes.

Well, unless we develop transporter-like technology, there's nothing we can do about the cargos and packages. However, there is something we can do about executives who needs to return home for meetings or attend conferences.

Again, tech comes into play. Video conferencing will likely be greatly impacted by this. Players like Cisco, IBM, and HP will come out of this, likely, with new interested from customers who want video conferencing abilities to make sure business can continue as before on some level.

After September 11, 2001, the attack on NYC and the Pentagon had brought some interest in this regard but I haven't heard much since. Now, with almost ten years of technical advancement, I think the time is ripe for more video chatting and attendance by individuals, even groups, through video projection.

If you recall (likely not), CNN used an interesting technology to bring reporters off-site into their newsroom. As comical as the display was then, there is a higher level of applicable change video conferencing or projecting can provide.

Imagine if Prime Minister Jens Soltenberg ends up being stuck longer in the US and he was schedule to address his parliament. Obviously, video conferencing will step in as a good substitute. Better if a pseudo-hologram can be "beamed" in to provide the appearance that Soltenberg is in parliament, address his nation.

Obviously, the Prime Minister would use his iPad help him with his speech.

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