Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mobile Focus Pattern This Week

iPad this. iPad that. Get used to it, folks. It's going to be about Apple, Apple, Apple, for the next few weeks, possibly months. For fans like myself, you can't get enough of it. But a certain minute level of fatigue is creeping in. For non-Apple fans or worse, that could be a good thing if avid fans such as myself feels it's too much.

But as a mobile warrior, you can't get enough of it. Whether you are in another mobile camp like Blackberry, Android, or the fledging Palm (note I didn't say WebOS), you want to stay focus on this because right now, Apple is defining what mobile is about. Through the iPhone 4.0 OS coming out or the just released iPad, Steve Jobs and his team has done a great job dictating where mobile is going and their competitors can only try to catch up and attempt to do better and hope that consumers will pay attention.

And truth be told, there are better mobile phones and devices out there than the iPhone, not so sure about the iPad though Dave the Mobile Warrior has been talking up the N900 and just bought a used one off eBay (personally, for a super-duper smart guy like him, it's a perfect device for him though I'm sure his first love is his iPad).

Also of note this week is that Verizon is making a lot of noise about LTE. I'm suspect a couple of things are happening. One, WiMax is about to go big in the US and Sprint is putting a lot of heat on its competitors. Also, VW could be readying their LTE launch, even if limited in coverage. A launch is a launch and a win is a win no matter how ugly it is.

This is also significant because wireless providers are in for a big shift in how they generate additional revenues from its customer base as more devices flood the market like the iPad that are not designed for voice but purely data consumption. Verizon and AT&T will have a lot at stake as they prepare to move to a faster network in 2010 and 2011.

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