Techcrunch: Google Testing Voice to Make Calls

Techcrunch has confirmed that Google, who bought Gizmo5 some months back, is testing a desktop application to make calls.

If you are not familiar with Google Voice, here's a quick rundown. It is an innovative application that allows users to link their mobile number or any other one they choose and with one Google provides. With it you can make forward calls, send and receive SMS, and keep track of every communique sent and received.

The only thing we have not been able to do is to make calls with the Google Voice app.

That is, until now. Apparently, Google has a integrated Voice and Gizmo5, probably along with other apps like gmail & gtalk, for users to make calls.

I am trying to confirm with my sources in Google if they have some additional information on this. I do know this though. Be prepared for another round of signing up for being the lucky ones to try out this new service. Be prepared to beg, blackmail, or do unimaginable things for anyone who has invitations to give out.

Source: Techcrunch


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