Saturday, April 3, 2010

That Other Big Mobile Event This Weekend

This is a big weekend in mobile. Of course you know that. You can't miss it. That's right. T-Mobile has once again, and likely not for the last time, sold out of HD2 online.

Well, you not going to hear to end of it from the Windows Mobile folks and the fanboys who just can't shut up about how great T-Mobile is and how its upcoming 3G upgrade, HSPA+, is going to give WiMax a run for its money and leave vaporware, LTE, with no room to hide.

I'm here to provide relief.  There just happens to be another mobile even this weekend from a, I'm gonna be positive here...a mobile product with "potentials".  That's right.  I'm talking about the iPad.

After trying with the iPod and then again with the iPhone in the market, a little known company from Cupertino is hoping the third time is also a charm by trying change mobile computing again.

Unlike with the iPhone when Apple made folks wait hours, sometimes days, in line, the iPad was pre-ordered and rationed.  Still I expect lines in some of the more popular locations.  Yeah, I don't get what people in big cities and the lines they like to form.

So, if you're sick and tired of hearing about Windows Mobile 6.5, HD2, and T-Mobile, I'd turn my attention towards this iPad underdog and see if there is a Cinderella run in it.  After all, it is Final Four weekend.  And outside of CBS, no one is routing for Duke at all.

Note:  In all seriousness, expected to be inundated with iPad news.  I'll be leaving a bit early for my Apple Store and snapping pics of what I see to be interesting at my local launch (we're a small town) and some personal touches of my iPad at On Apple.

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