Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tweets About Apple & RIM

Sometimes, there just isn't a lot of time to write a whole post. I'm wordy. Tweets are different. But you are limited to 140 characters at a time. So, I've come up with a way to tweet thoughts that are I want to express in more than 140 characters.

Here are a couple of sets of tweets. One is about the purposeful leak about Apple "talking" with AMD about potentially using Intel's chief CPU rival's chips in Macs. The second set stemmed from comments I read about RIM CEO's thoughts on tablets.

Apple/AMD: Macs may compensate with GPU while using slower AMD chips since AMD GPU blows away Intel solutions. (part 1)
Apple/AMD: /w amd chips, 80% performance, 60% cost of Intel could signal Apple push into corporate biz (part 2)
Apple/AMD: Nvidia vid solution great on Mac but Nvidia & Apple are competing more in the mobile market. Why help rival? (part 3)
Apple/AMD: Macbook and low-end Macbook Pro can benefit with AMD chips in terms of pricing w/o big performance hit (part 4)
Apple/AMD: using AMD chips (or whiff of Apple talking to AMD) will keep Intel pricing honest, not take Cupertino biz for granted (part 5)

RIM: Ceding mobile market to Apple (maybe Android), only want to protect smartphone segment? Bad play, dudes. (Part 1)
RIM: BB still number 1 in the US and still growing strong internationally. Lots of potential. Innovative pace is incredible (Part 2)
RIM: May be learning wrong less with bad Storm sales. Sales of Android/iPhone contradicts RIM CEO’s claims. (Part 3)
RIM: May need to buy Palm to catch up. May need to be BOLD. (Part 4)
RIM: Blackberry plus Palm’s WebOS, if done right, could be a powerhouse. (Part 5)
RIM: Tablet with current Blackberry OS would suck. Don’t do it (Part 6)
RIM: Blackberry Tablet with WebOS would rock (Park 7)

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