Volcanic Ash From Iceland Shows How Small We Are

It's interesting how Iceland's volcano eruptions serve as a reminder of how small the Earth truly is and how, with our problems, we really are at the mercy of the planet we call home. Small but we are powerless against the awesomeness of nature.

Yet, once this is all over, we will continue on with life, for better or worse, as if nothing has changed. President Obama, leader of the free world and the United States of America, has cancelled his trip to attend Poland's late first couple's funeral.

A volcanic eruption has the power to force Air Force One from taking off.

Life will continue once the ash disperses. Flights across the Atlantic and Europe will fly again. But I hope we will take some time and realize while we have issues with one another, nature can quickly make all these problems insignificant and there would be nothing we can do that about.

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