Saturday, May 29, 2010

5-Minute Work

Mobile has allowed us to be productive in ways that even drones from a half decade ago cannot dream of.

Sure, there was Blackberries but being able to write and post to the Internet, working on Excel sheets, or dial
back to the home or office computer.

I am writing this while I await the rest of my party to arrive for a late dinner. Couldn't have done this before before the iPhone revolution and now practically every mobile platforms from Android to WM can do so with ease (if there was a way to do this, it wasn't easy).

And in five minutes or so, much can be done. We are after all very busy we mobile warriors. For many people, there are a few of these 5-minute work periods. Sometimes longer.

What do you do with your mobile device with your 5-10 minute work periods?

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