Apple Has A Bigger Market Cap Than Microsoft - So What?

Apple just overtook Microsoft in terms of market cap...oh...since the 80s.  What does that really mean?  Nothing.

Well, let's give credit where it's due.  Steve Jobs has engineered the greatest resurrection since, well, I don't want to go there but let's just say the iPhone isn't sometimes referred to as the "Jesus-phone" for nothing.

The market fluctuates every day.  A couple months ago, Apple and Google were going back and forth on a daily if not hourly basis during trading hours to see who has the larger market valuation.  Since then Apple has consistently been about $60 billion more than Google.

So what?  It isn't as if it meant the mobile war was over and everyone just packed it up.  Apple did not get a gold star or trophy today.  

My fellow mobile warriors, the mobile war rages on on many fronts.  Apple and Microsoft has about $40 billion cash each and Google with about $30 billion.  This epic fight to define the mobile Internet and how people use their mobile devices go on for years.  Here are the different fronts on this mobile war:

  • The mobile ad war just got started.
  • App versus webapp
  • Walled garden versus semi-openess (let's be honest.  Android isn't open when one company is responsible as caretaker)
  • App versus mobile search
  • Fee versus free
Those are only the major fronts on which these titans are fight on.  Let's not forget that RIM, Nokia, and HP are still around.  So having the largest market cap means nothing.  But it may mean you've got a bigger target for others to aim at.


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