Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crack In Internet During 1,000 Points Drop In Dow

Did you try to log into your Etrade account during last week's one thousand point drop in minutes before coming back up?

The authorities still have no idea how it happened. I'm sure you've heard the theories. A mistake by a Citibank trader who inadvertently type in "b" instead of "m" for millions. Perhaps though I personally doubt it. Computer errors? More likely. The Fox Mulder in me thinks it's possible this was a test hack.

Back to Etrade. You probably had problems logging in. It didn't matter if you were on your iPhone or tethered to a desktop at work, your attempts at trying to access your money was met with time-out.

Well, I didn't try. I didn't even thought about it. I had problems just access Yahoo Finance, CNBC, and Bloomberg. The updates on my iPhone took a while.

This isn't purely a mobile issue. This is an issue about the robustness of the Internet. I think any Congressional hearings into this matter also needs to include how the Internet dealt with this unique financial event.

So, any bets on what really happened? Aliens. A dark syndicate of hackers?

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