Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do Some Mobile Fans Feel Like Their Favorite Platforms Is Under Sieged At Times?

I’m an Android and iPhone fan. I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy though I’m fine and ready to defend my mobile platforms against stupid and outdated modes of arguments. I especially like that Apple and Google are going at it because in the end, we, the mobile warriors, win because it’ll for them to innovate and be very very competitive.

More than that, it shift and moves ideas and against conventions smart folks like Steve Jobs are at the head of these battles.

But how does it feel to be RIM or Palm fans? Or even Windows Mobile enthusiasts? Day in and out, it’s Android this and iPhone/iPad that. I will admit, it can get sophisticating on some days when the blogs (and even mainstream media) all regurgitating the same thing over and over.

But with Palm’s buyout offers being rejected by Lenovo and HTC, it can’t be a good feeling for Pre fans. Sure, it got picked up by HP but only because they realized their HP Slate running Windows 7 wouldn’t stand a chance next to the iPad (this isn’t the fan in my talking. It’s HP’s decision to pull the Slate talking).

This harkens back to the days when Apple was about to be unplugged from financial life support. Before Steve Jobs came in and Microsoft’s $150 million morale booster. Folks were just bailing in OS 9 and PowerPC that supported the Macs at the time. It was ugly and everyone was wondering why I stuck with it. It was Windows, Windows, Windows.

Apple was on the verge of collapse as developers like Adobe (hence the Flash war today) and users, even those traditionally loyal in the creative and education circle, left for Microsoft.

To make matters worse, Apple continued to relied on older OS designs while a modern OS capable of such tasks as multi-tasking existed only as vaporware (remember Copland, anyone?). Plus, let’s admit it, the PowerPC 603 and 604 chips were underpowered compared to the highflying Pentiums.

And yes, during those dark days, loyalists still recognize the ease of use and lack of viruses as reason to pay a premium for underpowered Macs and Powerbooks.

Now, the same goes for RIM and Blackberry fans. RIM is doing well but it constantly is being made to look like a douche that only does e-mail well after failing to come out with a competitive touch mobile device. And to make your days worse, a new report just out today says that Incredible & Droid is killing Blackberries at VW while HD2 is mopping the floor with Bold. And we know how the iPhone is doing over at AT&T.

So I can relate.

At the end of the day, we’re all in the same camp. We want Apple, Google, Palm (HP now), Microsoft, RIM, and Nokia to fight like there’s no tomorrow through competition and innovation. Believe me, what’s good for the iPhone folks is good for the Android guys. And that’s also good for WebOS and Blackberry fans too.

Note: I hope to be a Windows Phone fan too when the day comes and it measure up to the gadgets that I’ve got at the time. Also very excited about WebOS too.

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