Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Facebook At High Noon

At 10:30PST, Facebook will try again with this privacy thing.

They will be unveiling new privacy settings that supposedly make easier for users to avoid navigating through a maze of settings and what-not.

However, it remains to be seen just how far these new settings go to make a statement that Facebook is serious about its users privacy.  Personally, I am not hopeful.  The arrogance of the CEO Zuckerberg is very apparent even in his correspondence with members of the press.  Never once apologizing for anything Facebook has done but goes on to insinuate that users aren't able to keep up with their visions of privacy.

More at CNet on this event.  It's is my believe that this is one of those two-steps forward, one-step back game that Facebook will be playing.  If Facebook is sorry for anything, it's that they got caught trying to void any notion of privacy and violating the trust users gave them.

I am keeping an open mind about this but I'm not hopeful.

Note:  I have to say this about Facebook.  From a business standpoint, Open Graph is brilliant.

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